Have you ever dreamt...

...of watching the waves & whales from your home nestled in the bush?

...of stepping onto the beach for a walk and swim?

...of living in a caring community of your choosing?

Join Chiba Ring & live in Ifafa Beach

Invest in your future, buy a share in our company and join a supportive community of people on the KZN South Coast, only 80km from Durban.

Our land in Ifafa Beach with undulating hills, coastal forests, rare grasslands and a wetland is one of the few remaining large properties on the shoreline with breaker views and easy beach access.

Build your own home for living, retirement or holiday rental on this beautiful coast line.

We are committed to environmental conservation and have spent years removing alien vegetation and overgrowth, restoring the land to almost pristine condition. There is now a rich diversity of bird life and abundance of wildlife including duikers, bushbuck, wild pig and mongoose.

We are committed to a democratic South Africa and invite people from different race groups, backgrounds, ages, sexual preference and cultures to join us.

Land & Cost

This consists of two non-contiguous properties, dubbed by members Woodlands and Wetlands. We have planning approval for differing development on five parcels of the land - three on Wetlands and two on Woodlands, including the residential development for Chiba Ring members.

WOODLANDS (26,3ha)

With undulating hills and 360 degree views inland and over the ocean, this larger property contains the plots set aside for Chiba Ring residential development. Sweeping up from the coastal road the land comprises threatened grassland, indigenous bush and forest into which the plots nestle comfortably.
The beach is within easy walking distance and there are tidal pools, reefs and bays for swimming, fishing, diving and snorkelling.

A subdivided property at the corner of Woodlands contains five plots that will be retained and developed by the Goldstone family in recognition of their legacy (link to Goldstones).

To preserve its ecological integrity, the development covers only 7.2 ha, 27% of the total property, and will not encroach into the sensitive surrounding habitat, which will be kept as open space for the benefit of shareholders.

  • Download the Woodlands Site Layout
  • WETLANDS (13,6ha)

    Consisting of the Mvuzi River estuary and floodplain, almost 12 ha of this property has been zoned for conservation. An existing house with sweeping sea and inland views overlooks the estuary and has been renovated for use as a holiday home for shareholders and their friends. Members currently have a free week each year.
    Approval has been obtained for the development of a wellness centre and chalet style accommodation on this parcel of land.

    Above the house and across the road is an area with stunning views of the ocean, which has approval for the development of 8 houses.
    Both have their own separate entrance off the main entry road into Ifafa Beach.

    A small pocket of land south of the wetland, ideally placed adjacent to the municipal beach parking area at the entrance to Elysium, has been approved for mixed-use retail development.

    This valuable property can realise future income either through sale, rental or development.

  • Download the Wetlands Site Layout

    R600 000 will secure you a serviced freehold plot within a Homeowners Association AND co-ownership of 40ha of prime coastal habitat, by means of purchasing an equal share in the CHIBA RING Development Company Pty Ltd.
    This price is at cost with no mark up. It is what shareholders have paid to date for the land, operational and development costs.

    Each shareholding entitles you to:

    • 1 of 54 serviced plots of approximately 500-600m2, on which to build your own home.

    • Co-ownership of an additional 3 parcels of land for future development, income generation or resale

    • 3 commonly owned sites for future community use such as a community multi-purpose hall and a health centre

    • Common use areas within the residential development

    • Co-ownership of a large conservation area for the enjoyment of residents and the benefit of the environment and wildlife

    • The opportunity of living within a supportive community that aims to be mentally, physically and socially active

    • A secure living environment that enables a lock up and go lifestyle

    Guiding Principles

    Home Ownership

    • All shareholders / members contribute equally via annual levies to development, infrastructure, operational and planning costs. Levies are kept as low as possible.

    • Plots cannot be sub-divided and only one residence per plot is permitted.

    • There can be multiple owners of each residence/shareholding, but it is up to each shareholding to legally structure shared ownership.

    • Protection of individual ownership rights is ensured, including the right to pass on or sell his/her property at market related prices.

    Environmental Integrity

    CHIBA RING is not a profit-driven, cheek by jowl development nor an eco-estate that pays lip service to ecological principles.

    The number of homes will not exceed 54 and will be discretely positioned in natural surroundings so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the coastal vegetation and the sea views.

    Building & Development

    Each member will be financially responsible for building their own residential dwelling, either for immediate occupation.

    For use as a holiday home or rental property until they wish to use it themselves.

    Planning & Design

    The land bought in 2004 was zoned as agriculture. It has been a long process to obtain all the necessary permission to develop the land for residential use. The final SPLUMA (Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Act) approval was issued on 21 November 2018. Other than obtaining the Water User Licence Agreement (WULA) everything is now in place to commence with the infrastructure. An in-house committee, The Chiba Ring Development Committee, has driven the development process, from the exacting and lengthy environmental and municipal planning approvals to the siting and drilling of boreholes, detailed built environment layout, infrastructure plans and specifications, ready for tender. We have appointed a professional team consisting of a project manager, civil and electrical engineers, architect, environmental specialist, land surveyor, town planner, hydrologist and conveyancer.


    Entrance access, road clearing and tree felling has started on Woodlands for the Chiba Ring residential development. Infrastructure development will commence in 2019 and will include commissioning the existing boreholes, water storage and water supply reticulation, roads, parking, lighting, storm water management, sewerage systems, entrance and electrical installation.

    As much as possible, the use of alternative and reneweable energy will be encouraged. Each stand will have water and electricity connections and homeowners will be responsible for installation and management of their own solar panels, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and septic tanks.
    Boreholes will provide sufficient potable water off-grid to all Chiba Ring residents.

    Other sustainable living methods will include storm water storage for reuse, waste management, recycling, which will hopefully be extended throughout the surrounding communities, and possibly a living pond for water storage and fire-fighting.

    Available Downloads:

    • Environmental Authorisation

    • SPLUMA Application  

    • SPLUMA Approval & Conditions   

    • Woodlands Infrastructure Briefing Document

    Home Design & Construction

    Homeowners will be responsible for building their homes. The emphasis will be on low impact construction that will merge with the landscape, while accommodating individual taste, options and materials in keeping with the overall theme. House footprints will be kept small with a maximum of two storeys. Architects, Jo Lees and Fiona Garson (a Chiba Ring member), are developing a Building Code to guide individual building design as well as the overall character of the development.

    They are developing modular house plans enabling members to mix and match, that will result in reduced professional fees and yield savings through economies of scale. To further save costs, approved building contractors and suppliers will be identified and charges negotiated through Chiba Ring.

    However, homeowners will be at liberty to design their own homes and select their own service providers. Reasonable building timeframes will apply to minimize inconvenience and environmental disruption.

    Plot Selection

    Plots are all much the same size at roughly 500-600m2 each and the same cost. There are no preferential or up-market larger sites. Fortunately, all the plots are beautiful, each with their own unique view. In fact, many members are finding it hard to make a choice. Plot selection has not been finalised but those who have donated time and resources on a voluntary basis will get preference. Besides location and choice of neighbours the building schedule would be a key consideration. Building has to take place in a pre-planned order to avoid some members having construction around them over a long period.


    CHIBA RING does not subscribe to the concept of a walled and gated complex isolated from the surrounding community; but believes security lies in the wellbeing of the entire community. Ifafa Beach has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. However, it is acknowledged that crime is on the increase and one cannot be complacent. On the advice of security experts Chiba Ring will work with the broader community at large to establish a local security capacity. It is proven that a presence on the ground is the critical success factor (besides offering jobs). The Ifafa Beach topography, single access road and numerous watercourses contribute to the ease with which the area may be secured.

    Site Plans

    Land Parcels & Their Use  


    Chiba Ring Residential


    Wetland Site Layout


    Woodland Site Layout


    About Us & Ethos

    In order to buy the land we formed a company called CHIBA RING DEVELOPMENT (Pty) Ltd (Company registration no: 2004/004122/07)

    • The company is governed by the Company's Act and our Articles of Association.

    • Once completed, the residential development will be governed by a Home Owners Association (HoA), the constitution for which we are in the process of developing. This will be finalised through a consultative process with all shareholders and will cover rules for behaviour of members to create a peaceful living environment and will be based on our shareholders agreement and the resolutions passed at our members' meetings. It will also be in line with the various conditions of planning approval such as the Record of Decision of the Environmental Authorisation and the SPLUMA planning approval.

    • The entire 27ha of the Woodland residential development will be under the control of the HOA, except for the Goldstone Property. All other land will be held by the company until it is transferred or sold.

    • CHIBA RING is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes a member of the Ifafa Beach Ratepayers Association to ensure links with the community and safeguard their interests. Directors serve for 3 years on a voluntary, rotational basis. They meet as and when needed.

    • There is an active development and finance committee and other shareholders volunteer as needed.

    • Annual tax returns are filed with SARS, CIPR requirements are adhered to and an annual audit is conducted.

    • CHIBA RING seeks at all times to conduct its affairs in a democratic and transparent manner.

    • At least two meetings are held annually with all shareholders, one for budget and development progress approval and the AGM to approve the audited financial statements.

    • Members hold equal share, with one vote per shareholding irrespective of how many members are in the shareholding.

  • Chiba Ring Shareholders Agreement
  • Chiba Ring Directors & Office Bearers
  • Chiba Ring Members List
  • Chiba Ring was started by a ring of friends planning to live and retire together in a sharing & supportive community, whilst:

    • Realising the property's investment potential through responsible development and community based initiatives;
    • Respecting the rights and ownership of individual members;
    • Contributing to the development of Ifafa;
    • Protecting and nurturing the natural environment; and
    • Operating in a democratic manner

    Looking forwards, CHIBA RING intends to:

    • Assist local people to establish small businesses that can cater for members' needs rather than each owner employing individuals. These services can include domestic work, land and house maintenance, food gardening, food preparation, security etc.

    • Encourage members with special skills / interests to facilitate leisure activities such as film clubs, discussion groups, book clubs, birding, hiking, yoga, tai-chi, Pilates, reflexology, aromatherapy etc.

    • Provide older members the security of home-based care for as long as possible. The nearby Umdoni Retirement Village has frail care facilities.

    • By pooling resources and working together, members' needs can be met in a more cost effective and efficient manner such as shared transport, lift clubs, library, laundry facilities, house sitting and management of holiday rental homes.

    Not only will CHIBA RING bring much needed resources, capacity, employment and skills transfer to the area during the construction phase, but the project aims to stimulate long term local entrepreneurial growth.

    Required services will include home-based care for the aged, meal preparation, laundry services, house cleaning, transportation, plumbing, electrical, home maintenance, landscaping, gardening, security and more.

    These potential services and facilities could be made available to the broader Ifafa / Elysium communities.

    Early Days

    Chiba Ring is named after Govind Chiba, a liberation struggle comrade who died on 7 December 2003, the very day his life partner, Louise Colvin, returned from viewing the Ifafa property. Their dream was to establish a caring community of like-minded individuals offering an alternative retirement lifestyle to that of a commercial retirement home or dependency on family.

    Together with comrades with whom they had lived and worked in exile, Louise persisted with the dream of developing the property into a caring community committed to social, economic and environmental justice and the development of an equitable democratic South Africa. More members joined from different walks of life and we currently have 30 shareholders and altogether 46 individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and diverse skills to this ambitious project.

    Why Ifafa Beach

    Ifafa Beach was chosen for its ease of access, close proximity to Durban, its unspoilt nature and its uniqueness. Previously designated a "coloured area" under apartheid's Group Areas Act, this welcoming, close-knit community has a colourful history. Many of Chiba Ring's members have shared experiences of the area, some having grown up in the area, while others had used the campsite as an underground meeting place, as it was one of the few places that people could meet across the Apartheid divide.

    The Goldstone Heritage

    The Woodlands was purchased from its original owners the Goldstones who have played a major role in the development of Ifafa Beach. In the mid-1800s, the original Samuel Goldstone, who hailed from Darlington, England, was granted 180ha by the local Zulu clan, into which he had married, in appreciation of schools, churches and missions he had built locally. Part of the land was later donated to the Catholic Church.

    In the early 20th century the remainder was sub-divided between four brothers. It took Chiba Ring members a further four years to help descendants of Ben Goldstone's family wind up the estate as he had died in 1967 without a will. In recognition of the Goldstone heritage Chiba Ring has ensured the family retains a portion of their ancestral home.

  • Goldstone - Ifafa Fascinating History
  • Goldstone - The Land
  • In & Around the Area

    On the Chiba Ring Site

    The undeveloped character of the land and natural vegetation provides a habitat for a range of animals such as blue and red duiker, bushbuck, wild pig, mongoose and vervet monkeys. The rich bird life is an added attraction for birdwatchers. The extensive reedbeds of the "Wetlands" property host a breeding colony of European swallows, while endangered raptors such as the magnificent crowned eagle may sometimes be seen circling high above the patches of coastal forest that dot both properties. With far reaching views out to sea, our property offers some of the best spots from which to watch whales, or the "greatest shoal on earth" - the annual sardine run. The land, its adjoining beach and quiet local roads are well suited for rambling, cycling or just relaxing in your place in the sun. John-O's Caravan Park is within walking distance and serves delicious and inexpensive meals (steaks, seafood and curries) and has a small shop and bottle store.

  • Download the Bird List
  • Download the Plant List
  • In the Vicinity of Ifafa

    Only 80kms from Durban, all the usual retail outlets and chain stores can be found at nearby Scottburgh, Hibberdene or Pennington as well as restaurants, pubs, take-aways, local arts and craft industries, health and beauty therapists, comprehensive medical and emergency facilities and a host of other amenities and services. Tours may be booked to discover some of the South Coast's best-kept secrets - world heritage sites, waterfalls, shipwrecks and famous lighthouses. There are a number of renowned golf courses nearby such as Selborne and Umdoni. Recreational and leisure activities include: birding, fishing, tennis, hiking, dancing, live music, social and special interest clubs. There are many local places of worship catering for diverse religious persuasions. A number of adventure sports destinations cater for the adrenaline junkies, while local farms, nature reserves and parks will appeal to the whole family.

  • Download the Things to Do List
  • Medical Facilities

    There are medical facilities in the area. Besides clinics, doctors and specialists, there are good hospitals in Scottburgh, Port Shepstone and other areas on the South Coast. Umdoni has a retirement home with a frail care centre.

    The not-for-profit Hibiscus Retirement Homes - Both close by in Umdoni and Widenham - have frail centres that are open to non-residents.

    Welcome to the Chiba Ring Ifafa Lifestyle

    Get in contact

    Contact us

    We welcome others to join our Development. We are looking for at least 15 more shareholders/ home owners.

    If you, your family or friends are interested, Chiba Ring can:
    • Provide more information. Contact any existing member you know or Lauren and Louise whose numbers are below.
    • Organise site visits of Ifafa Land.
    • Offer you two nights at our beach house so you can get a real feel for the land and area (if you want to extend your stay the house can be rented at a nominal cost).
    • Hold slide presentation and discussion sessions - especially if for a group.
    • Invite you to future members' meetings.


    Invite your friends to share our CHIBA RING vision, copy the link to share our website via email / Whatsapp / Twitter.

    A link to our Facebook page:-  https://www.facebook.com/groups/301770320185285/about/
    A link of the website page:-  https://www.ifafachibaring.info/ (copy and paste to share)


    Should you be interested we would appreciate if you could please complete the enquiry form below and mail it to the below email addresses (not compulsory but helpful).
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    Lauren on +27 82 873 6430

    Email: laurentiaricher@gmail.com

    Louise on +27 81 246 0350 / +27 31 466 1322

    Email: louise.colvin@telkomsa.net

    George on +27 39 997 8592 / +27 74 270 7860

    Email: bchelechele@gmail.com

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